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City of Winnipeg Budget Process

February 08, 2024 at 1:15 PM

City of Winnipeg 2024 Budget Process is underway  

On Wednesday, February 7, the Executive Policy Committee (EPC) of Winnipeg City Council tabled its preliminary 2024-2027 multi-year Operating and Capital budgets.

The operating budget is responsible for many of the programs and public services that Local 500 members provide to the citizens of Winnipeg.  

From our preliminary analysis, the Local is cautiously optimistic that the Winnipeg budget is shifting from an era of tax freezes and vacancy management.

“Winnipeg was stuck under a decade of tax freezes and harsh vacancy management regimens,” said Gord Delbridge, President of CUPE Local 500. “If we want to build a city that works, we need to ensure we have adequate staffing levels and support for those staff, and we are starting to see a shift, albeit modest."

The Local welcomes the city’s commitment to increasing revenue through property taxes. We also welcome the new Neighbourhood Action Teams and new public library in northwest Winnipeg.

The closure of 20 wading pools along with closing Eldon Ross indoor pool and two outdoor pools; Happyland and Windsor Park, is deeply concerning, especially as summers are getting hotter.

“The metrix the city uses to see how often pools are used is flawed, considering the slow return of residents to city services post-pandemic,” says Delbridge. “We believe people still use these pools, and we would like to see this decision overturned”.

The Local will continue to review the budget to identify any other impacts to services and staffing levels. As always, we will raise these issues at the public meetings of the various standing policy committees.  

Winnipeggers deserve a budget that provides the necessary funding and resources to deliver the public services they value and rely on.

Following a 23-day period for all City Councillors and the public to review the preliminary budget, the schedule of public meetings to hear delegations and consider changes will be as follows:


Friday, March 1 and Saturday, March 16

SPC Public Works


Friday, March 8

SPC Finance and Economic Development


Monday, March 11 and Sunday, March 17

SPC Community Services


Tuesday, March 12

Executive Policy Committee - budget presentations


Wednesday, March 13

SPC Property and Development


Thursday, March 14

SPC Water, Waste and Environment


Date To Be Determined

Winnipeg Police Board


Friday, March 15

Executive Policy Committee - budget delegations


Tuesday, March 19

Executive Policy Committee - final budget recommendations


Wednesday, March 20

Council to consider budget


To view details of the multi-year budget, click here.