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February is Black History Month

January 29, 2018 at 4:06 PM

CUPE Local 500 is proud to celebrate Black History Month and the significant contributions people of African heritage have made to Canada and our union movement. Through their activism and leadership, Black trade unionists in Canada have organized to pass laws and win collective agreement language that fights racism and promotes equality in our workplaces and communities.  While we have made significant strides forward, we have far to go in the fight against anti-Black racism.

“Black History month serves as a reminder of the struggles, tribulations and achievements of black people both past and present,” said Local 500 President, Gord Delbridge. “It also allows us to learn about the many black people who came before us who helped build a better world.”

Across Canada, many community groups and CUPE locals are organizing events to learn more about Black history, and to celebrate Black History Month.

CUPE Local 500 encourages all members to participate in the important events being held in our community. Please click here to go to the Black History Month 2018 37th Annual Celebration list of events.