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Healthcare Bargaining Bulletin #2

April 30, 2024 at 12:28 AM

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No health care worker left behind

April 5, 2024


The Market Adjustment and Wage Standardization Committee (MAWS) continues to work on the market adjustments.  The MAWS have reached an agreement on the second “batch”.

Included in this “batch” of standardization/market adjustment payments are: 

  1. Orthotic and Prosthetic Technicians (applicable to Health Sciences Centre and Rehabilitation Centre for Children only) – 3.2% - 5%
  2. Journeyperson Electrician, Carpenters, Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters – 10%
  3. Journeyperson Refrigeration Mechanics, Air Conditioning Mechanics, Industrial Mechanics, Millwrights, and Machinists – 10%
  4. Dually Trained – Positions that require both Health Care Aide (Certified) and Unit Clerk (Certified) Certificates (e.g., Nursing Assistant, Unit Assistant, Aide Clerk, etc.) – 5%
  5. Crisis Support Workers (applicable to the RHAs direct operations only) – Standardization of Wage Scales (everyone being placed at CSW3 Level)
  6. Painters, Locksmiths, and Flooring Applicators – 2%
  7. Preventive Maintenance Coordinators (applicable to Health Sciences Centre only) – 10%
  8. Health Information Management Professionals – 14%
  9. Biomedical/Clinical Engineering – Standardization of Wage Scales (most members will see an increase)
  10. Rehabilitation Assistants/Aides (Certified) – Addition of 6th Step and 5%
  11. Clinical Research Professionals (applicable to CancerCare Manitoba only) – 14%

With the exception of the HIMP’s, the payments will be retroactive to April 1, 2023, and will be paid within ninety (90) days.  The HIMP’s will have retroactive pay to April 1, 2021, due to being part of a grievance resolution.

In order to receive the increase and retro pay, you must be employed on date of signing of this agreement

(April 3, 2024).  If you have changed jobs, the process to apply for your retro pay will soon be shared by the Employer.  Otherwise, the money shall be paid automatically.  

SMc/wkp/cope 491

April 5, 2024