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Healthcare Bargaining Bulletin #3

May 13, 2024 at 9:43 AM


May 13, 2024

The CUPE Bargaining Council and the Provincial Health Labour Relations Services (PHLRS) have met several more times.  We have reached agreement on some language within the collective agreement.  Up to this point, we have agreed to language on definitions, grievance procedure, maternity leave to include childbirth through surrogacy, job applications and transfer language, added miscarriage to bereavement leave, uniform allowance and Northern remoteness allowance. 

Bargaining is progressing well, and we will be starting monetary discussions sooner than anticipated.  We have dates scheduled every Thursday and Friday, and additional dates may get added as things progress. 

Who is your Bargaining Council?

Your CUPE Bargaining Council is made up of front-line health care workers just like you.


Shared Health / L204

WRHA / L500

Margaret Schroeder, President, Clerical

Limson Mestito, President, Riverview, HCA

Anne Rarama, Housekeeping

Southern Health-Santé Sud / L4270

Belinda Raposo, HCA

Holly Chaperon, President, Supervisor

Marlo Peters, Nursing Assistant

Cindy Terwin, Clerk

Collette Lafreniere Thompson, Nursing Assistant (A)

Karly Deneka, Home Care, Resource Coordinator

WRHA / L204

Northern RHA / L8600

Tony Cianflone, Facility/Trades

Christine Lussier, President, HCA

Karen Brown, Acute, HCA

Ashley Krassilowsky, Recreation

Jefferson De Villa, Home Care, HCA

Marie Nixon, Admitting Clerk

Daniel Richards, Long Term Care, HCA (A)



What happens to the Market Adjustment and Pension/Benefits Committees?

The Market Adjustment/Wage Standardization (MAWS) and Pension/Benefit (PBSC) will continue to meet every week until their work is complete.  Announcements for Batch #3 for the market adjustment should be coming shortly.  Announcements about the pension and benefits should also be imminent. 

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to


SMc/wkp/cope 491

May 13, 2024