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Important Health Care Update

November 06, 2019 at 8:14 AM

What’s next after the health care union representation votes?

CUPE is not yet allowed to represent any new members from the August 22, 2019 vote results.

Since the representation votes finished, all unions have been working towards the transfer of members to their new unions. This process has taken longer than expected.

CUPE is also working hard to get to the bargaining table. We want to negotiate a new collective agreement for you.

What is taking so long?

A bargaining unit certificate is the legal document that explains which union represents each group of workers.

Now that the representation votes are done, each union will be given a bargaining unit certificate for the workers that have become part of that union. We are working to make sure that the certificates have the right content and that no unionized workers are excluded.

When the new certificates are issued, the Commissioner for the votes may issue interim bargaining certificates. That would allow members to join their new union sooner, and allow time to make sure that the permanent certificates are accurate and complete.

When do we start bargaining?

Once the new bargaining unit certificates are made official, we can legally start the bargaining process.

CUPE’s contracts are the best in health care. CUPE ensures every member can make suggestions on how to improve their collective agreement.

To prepare for bargaining:

  •   Your CUPE bargaining committee will do a bargaining survey electronically and will also distribute paper copies to members who request this.

  •   The bargaining committee will then compile the results of the surveys and prepare the proposal package.

  •   Then bargaining can begin using the designated receiving agreement as a base.

  •   Your current contract covers you until bargaining concludes.

    What is my receiving agreement?

    The receiving agreement is the collective agreement that covers the largest number of employees in the winning union. This is the starting point for bargaining between CUPE and the health authorities.

    The CUPE receiving agreements are:

Regional Health Authority



Shared Services


CUPE 204 / Health Sciences Centre


CUPE 204 / Health Sciences Centre



CUPE 204 / Seven Oaks General Hospital


CUPE 204 / Seven Oaks General Hospital

Southern Health-Santé Sud


CUPE 4270


CUPE 4270

Northern Regional Health


CUPE 8600


CUPE 8600

Who represents me?

Until the new bargaining unit certificates are made official:

  •   your current union continues to represent you;

  •   you continue to pay dues to your current union;

  •   your current union continues to file grievances for you;

  •   your current contract remains your contract until bargaining concludes (even after you join your new


    What can I do?

  • Please make sure we have your most recent contact information, including cell phone number and personal email. We do not use work contact information to reach you for union business.

    Do not hesitate to contact your local CUPE representatives if you have any questions or concerns.