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CUPE Local 500/City of Winnipeg - Bargaining Update #40 Membership Meetings/Voting on Tentative Agreement

October 14, 2022 at 3:00 PM

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On October 11, a tentative agreement was reached between CUPE Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg.

All CUPE Local 500 members working at the City of Winnipeg are eligible to vote, and are encouraged to attend one of the two scheduled information meetings listed below. During the meetings, the Union's Bargaining Committee will explain the City's tentative settlement offer and answer your questions. 

Members will also receive a card in the mail detailing the meeting and voting information. If you do not receive a card, it may mean that we do not have your correct mailing address and you should update your contact information with the Local 500 officeand with the employer

The Union's Bargaining Committee is recommending that the members ACCEPT the settlement.



9:00 a.m. (to accommodate shift workers)
Or at
7:00 p.m.
2nd Floor, Room 2H
RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre
375 York Avenue  



7:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
2nd Floor, Room 2E
RBC Winnipeg Convention Centre
375 York Avenue

Common questions and answers about the meetings and voting:

Do I have to vote in person?  

Yes, you must vote in person. There are no proxy or mail-in votes permitted under our Local 500 by-laws.  

Am I allowed time off to attend the information meetingsandvote?

The City does not provide time off for employees to attend the information meetings, but are flexible in allowing employees time to vote on October 25. Please remember to let your supervisor know about your intentions to go and vote. You should also try to incorporate your time away into break periods, or where feasible, vote either before, or after your regular workday. Your cooperation to the above is greatly appreciated.  

Why is the vote held the following day after the meeting?

The answer to this is contained in our Local 500 By-laws under Clause 9 section (d).

 It states:

 "In the case of a general meeting called in which the terms and conditions of a tentative settlement will be presented regarding a City of Winnipeg Contract, a written notice of such meeting will be forwarded to each member at the last known address and shall be mailed not less than one week prior to the holding of the general meeting. A ratification vote to accept or reject the tentative settlement shall take place by secret ballot the following day after which the general meeting was held".

Can I get copies of the offer of settlement before the meetingsandvoting?

Copies of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Tentative Agreement Highlights will be available after 9:00 a.m. on October 24.

There are a number of ways to receive a copy:

  • At the membership information sessions or at the vote;
  • At the Local 500 office, 2nd Floor, Room 203, 275 Broadway after 9:00 am;
  • Information will be sent out via personal email after 9:00 am on October 24 for those members who are already on our email contact list. (If you are not registered to receive email updates, you can click here to sign up).

As well, if there are people from your workplace attending the meeting, they can take extra information packages back to the workplace with them.

Additional questions or concerns?

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Local 500 office at 204-942-1001 or by email to

Support your bargaining committee

Your bargaining committee is made up of your coworkers and colleagues from various city departments. They worked hard alongside the lead negotiator and CUPE Staff to be able to bring this offer to the membership for a vote. 

We know this has been a long and stressful road for our members and we want to once again, thank you all for your solidarity and support.

We look forward to meeting with you on October 24!

Stronger together! 


In solidarity,

Your bargaining committee


Gord Delbridge, President, CUPE Local 500

Carmen Prefontaine, President, Civic Services Unit

Phil Dembicki, President, Community Services Unit 

Nicholas McClurg, President, Public Works Unit/Local 500 SAO

Madelaine Dwyer, President, Water and Waste Unit

Rebecca Scott, Member at Large/Local 500 SAO

Jon Shalapata, Member at Large 

Alex McClurg, CUPE National Staff Representative 

Kevin Carswell, CUPE National Staff Representative 

Dale Edmunds, CUPE National Staff Representative 

Karen Byzuk, Local 500 Staff