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Local 500 Structure

Central Council

A central governing body called Central Council runs the affairs of the Local. Central Council consists of the executives and stewards of the units and affiliates plus the elected table officers of the Local -- President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Warden. There are also three trustees who are elected but are not considered part of the Table Officers. Central Council meets the fourth Monday of the Month at 7:00 pm in Room 2C at the Union Centre, 275 Broadway.

The Local 500 President works full-time for our union. The president is the administrative head of the Local and is responsible for carrying out the programs of the Local. In addition, three staff members cover communications, steward training, reclassification, workers compensation and pensions and benefits. Three office staff handle the clerical and administrative functions.

Every member of Local 500 belongs to a unit or affiliate. Four units are covered by the general agreement between Local 500 and the City of Winnipeg. All other groups have their own separate agreements. Each unit with Local 500 has a degree of autonomy. Unit members elect their own executive to deal with the business which affects them directly. Each unit and affiliate has a National Staff Representative assigned to them to assist with members' concerns.


The Local 500 Executive is made up of representatives of the each of the units. The executive meets monthly to discuss the business of the Local and makes recommendations for approval at Central Council. The Executive also communicates information to the membership, participates on negotiating committees and assists with campaign actions and strikes when necessary.


The Local 500 By-Laws and Policies outline the rules and regulations by which we operate as a local union.


Our Local has a number of standing committees that deal with important issues such as health and safety, human rights, reclassification, etc.


Stewards are the union’s representatives in the workplace. They help the local executive distribute information, organize activities and ensure that members’ rights are respected. If your rights are violated under your collective agreement, talk to your steward about filing a grievance (or a member of your unit executive if there is no steward).

All members are eligible to be stewards. Talk to your unit president or a member of your executive if you think you would like to be a steward or take a steward’s course. You can also contact the Local 500 office.


Members are people like you. As a dues paying member, you have a right to wages, benefits and working conditions, as spelled out in the contract, and to fully participate in the union (e.g. attend local meetings, take education courses, run for election as a local officer or delegate to national convention, etc.). With these rights come responsibilities. Please read the union bulletin updates, attend union meetings and participate in debates so that you can make informed decisions about local issues, negotiations, strikes, campaigns and other matters that affect you and your co-workers.