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City workers in Winnipeg are facing a huge assault on public services and their jobs.

Over the last five years, City Council has privatized garbage collection, sold off taxpayer’s assets and handed Assiniboine Park (a large part of the city’s history and cultural life) over to private organizations to run. Next in line for possible private delivery are water and wastewater services, library services and the operation of civic golf courses. Recreation programs are also at risk.

Local 500 has launched a multi-faceted four year campaign (with public information, direct action, lobbying of politicians), to profile city workers and expose the services they provide. We want Winnipeg to know that public services should be delivered by dedicated public employees who are acting in the best interests of the entire public. Part of our message to the public, is that strong public services create the quality of life we deserve in our city.

By building community support and suggesting improvements to how services are delivered to the public, the union will strive to keep services within the City's direct responsibility.

Join us in our campaign for positively public services, the Winnipeg Way!

Click here to view or download a background document about our campaign. You can also view or download our campaign materials by clicking on the links on the ight.

Past Campaign Issues

Custodial Services Under Threat!

We are City of Winnipeg custodians.  We clean libraries, aquatic and recreation facilities, and city office buildings.  We not only keep public facilities clean, we are the eyes and ears that help maintain a safe environment. Read more


City to consider offers for purchase of golf courses

The City of Winnipeg has put out an expression of interest for the sale of seven of it's golf courses for commercial or residential development or take over their long-term lease.Read More


Corporate Water Utility: Is Winnipeg's water and sewer services being privatized?

The City of Winnipeg is moving towards the creation of a City owned Municipal Corporate Utility as a new arm’s length business model to operate water and waste services. Read More








 City proposes changes to cataloguing section of the Library services

On August 18, 2009, the Local was advised that changes were planned for the cataloguing section of the Library service.

On November 10, 2009 the Local made a presentation to the Executive Policy Committee of Council in opposition of the proposed changes. In his presentation, CUPE Local 500 President pointed out that the City did not provide the type of notice or documentation contemplated by the Collective Agreement. Read More








 Park Police Services

The City wants to reorganize the park-police service including a reduction to the current staff compliment from fourteen to seven. Read More 


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