City/CUPE Foremanship Training Program

The City of Winnipeg's Foremanship Training Program is a long running, highly respected training initiative for city employees who aspire to be or are currently working as foreman. It is a comprehensive program that develops knowledge, skills and abilities to make foreman more effective in the field.

Objectives for the program include:

  • To understand roles and responsibilities
  • To develop effective leadership skills
  • To utilize a proactive communication strategy
  • To enhance the skill set of Foreman and leaders in the organization
  • To provide opportunities for on-going learning
  • To provide opportunities to develop technical expertise needed for the future
  • To support the relevant training needs of Foreman in the City of Winnipeg

There are three comprehensive levels to this program:

Level I

Level 1 is aimed at Permanent and Spare or Acting Foremen or those aspiring to positions of leadership.

Level II

Level II builds on the skills developed in Level I with a focus on taking those skills back to the workplace.

Level III

The development of Leadership skills makes up a large part of the Level III agenda.

Program Coordinator:

Cherrie Evans

TELEPHONE: 431-334-4676