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2022 Municipal and School Boards Election: Make a plan to vote on October 26!

October 01, 2022 at 1:05 PM

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On October 26, Winnipeggers will be voting to elect a new mayor and city council that will oversee our city’s priorities and growth over the next four years.

This election offers us the opportunity to choose the candidates who will make decisions about our water and wastewater, recreation, libraries, parks, transit, public education and many other things that affect you and your family every day.

Municipal and School Board elections matter, especially to CUPE members

As CUPE members, we know the importance of public services and public education to communities, families and workers.We need a mayor and council who will support the values of working families, fair wages and benefits, and oppose contracting out and privatization of public services.

We also know that decisions made by School boards have far reaching effects on students, families, and our community.  We need to vote for school trustees who support decent jobs, positive and safe schools and publicly delivered education.

Labour Friendly Candidates

The Winnipeg Labour Council (WLC) – representing over 45,000 union members in Winnipeg, have spent time talking to and questioning many of the candidates in the municipal and school boards election who:
  • Support the interests of working families;
  • Understand that public services and programs enhance our quality of life;
  • Realize the importance of a strong public education system;
  • Recognize that contracting out and privatization are not cost-effective;
  • Value the contribution of public sector workers; and
  • Know that a strong community depends on local control and decision making.

The WLC has released their list of endorsed candidates for the 2022 Municipal and School Boards local elections this October. The endorsement list can be found here.  

Make a Plan to Vote

Who we elect this fall will make a huge difference to the public services that shape our communities in the years to come. From first-hand experience, CUPE members know the importance of these public services to neighbourhoods and communities.

That's why it's important to get out and vote in these elections and support progressive candidates. You can visit the elections information page of the City of Winnipeg website to access voting times and locations, candidate lists and advance voting information.

Finally, you an make a difference in this election by volunteering your time in the campaigns of endorsed candidates.  It's easy to get involved. You can sign up here to join the political action team and our political action chair will be in contact with you. 

Most importantly, VOTE ON OCTOBER 26!